en quelques dates :
• 2001 : 8è Festival International d’Art Vidéo de Casablanca, Jeux de la Francophonie, Ottawa
• 2003 : Vanités Contemporaines chez A la Plage, Toulouse,
Shift d’images passages, Annecy.
• 2004 : Sélection officielle du festival Projection d’Argile, Montpellier.
. 2009 : Exposition-événement (si tu as faim) Mange ta main, Monaco
. 2010 Image Magie, le point commun, Cran Gevrier
Portrait de ROUX Agnes
Agnes ROUX
Résidence Athéna 25 av Crovetto Frères
98000 Monaco

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AGNES ROUX, a plural practice
At the beginning was curiosity...
Curious... Since my ancestor bit into the apple.
Curiosity... To be a multi-disciplinary monegasque artist, living and working in the Principality.
Curious... Taking note of the porosity of things, I cultivate the art of meeting.
Curiosity... Child, I went alongside real and fictive princes and princesses - the Grimaldi, the Von Benckendorff (my russian grand mother) and those of tales.
Curious... Between my family of russian blue blood and my family of french farmers, my heart is torn. And I try to capture these two worlds which seem to disappear.
Curiosity... This encourages me not to lock myself in a single type of place, a single artistic field.
Curious but too gourmand... I create rites of the mouth to celebrate the communion with the public.
Throughout my meanderings, I elaborate wefts of narratives that I dramatize into art. I build a parallel world, populated with chimeras, that question the territories and stories that surround me. From this invented world, I return with the relicas I used as narrative clues, in installations where the viewer becomes an active playback head.
A plural practice where the videographic dimension is the red wire of my research. It allows me to wonder about what revitalizes the manufacturing process and the other means of creating images. Exchange zone : to be autonomous and to share. To encourage cros sroads, to exchange skills within different artistic fields.
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